Wuthering Heights

by emily brontë

What if you lived slap bang in the middle of the Yorkshire Moors, four miles from the nearest house, in 1780? No electricity, no Sky, no iPhone, not even a good book…except for THE Good Book, which has been spoiled for you by the  person who wields it. Just you and your interesting family.

Genetic ties aside, there’s only one out of this collective whom you truly love, with whom you have always felt an inexplicable, feral connection since your father brought him home a ragged, abandoned child. But Heathcliff has no money, no education, no means of making his way in life and your brother, Hindley, has made it his business to ensure he never will.

You have three options: marry Heathcliff and remain utterly penniless, at the mercy of your brother’s rabid mood swings; go away, become a governess to heaven knows who or what; or marry the wealthy landowner who has fallen in love with you and use his money and station to place Heathcliff as far from your brother’s clutches as possible.

So, what do you choose?

Raw, original and as fiercely relevant as ever, Wuthering Heights turns society’s obsession with financial and social status in on itself, creating a world of bitter extremes in which nothing of true value can survive.

Told in flashback from Heathcliff’s point of view, and interwoven with Byron’s poetry, our adaptation was a unique exploration into Brontë’s iconic anti-heros.

We toured to Essex, Oxfordshire and London.

“What a wonderful performance of Wuthering Heights in Thame last week. I had a delightful evening and in particular I found the adaptation was clever and engaging, the energy, power and passion was riveting throughout the entire performance (there was pin drop silence in the audience for almost the entire performance), every member of the cast was highly professional and captivating in their role. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job!”

Julia Cleaver, Oxfordshire