The Brothers Karamazov

by fyodor dostoyevsky

Dmitri Karamazov has killed his father. Everyone thinks so. He was seen running from the crime scene covered in blood, he has both motive and weapon and he’s spent the last month telling everyone he’s going to do it.

But has he? Does one of his brothers know more than he’s telling? Or is a certain pitchforked being involved?

Set in the fictional town of Skotoprigonyevsk, our original adaptation delved between the masked interrogation of fiery Dmitri, the events leading up to Fyodor Karamazov’s murder – not least the mutual passion of father and son for the feisty enchantress Grushenka – the exploration of life’s most fundamental questions by nihilistic Ivan and devout Alyosha, and the consequences for all involved. 

Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s vividly passionate last novel is a sizzling, horrifying and often rather funny probe into faith, philosophy and the ultimate dysfunctional family.



We performed this show in London in 2011, then filmed over 5 days in February 2014 and performed with the same cast at The King’s Head Theatre in Islington the following May. You can watch the whole movie here.

"What an amazing achievement! This academic work (which it truly is) must have taken hours and hours of study. An incredible undertaking ~ well done. We were so glad we came."

Judith & Tony Starkey, Bucks