Look Back in Anger

by john osborne

University educated Jimmy Porter runs a sweet stall with his friend Cliff by day and lives in an attic bed-sit with Alison, his browbeaten wife, by night.

The world has changed and Jimmy’s anger at his inability to find either opportunity or place in it has reached boiling point. Alison is fast losing the will to defend herself from her husband’s constant verbal tirades when the unexpected arrival of her compelling actress friend Helena forces her towards a decision which has devastating consequences.

Still as pertinent, shocking and unexpectedly funny as it was at its revolutionary advent in 1956, this is the play that put the Royal Court on the map.

It’s a beautifully written anthem to the hopeless situation of an intelligent individual who is drawn to the nostalgia of a world he never knew, miserably resigned to an unsatisfactory marriage and tied to a class system that he has neither the opportunity nor the will to challenge.

This was our first show and we performed in Essex in Spring 2007.

"The performance was nothing short of inspirational – brilliant...A unique experience and a fantastic evening."

The Rotor, Brentwood Rotary Club