Jane Eyre

by charlotte brontë

Orphaned whilst a baby, Jane Eyre has never known a loving home. Raised by her Aunt with cruel indifference at best and sent away to Lowood School where starvation, frostbite and typhus are part of the daily curriculum, Jane is ostensibly on course for a brief life of misery and depravation.

But Jane Eyre is special. Her nature strong, warm, unique: her sense of self unshakeable. She will not be defeated.

After eight years at Lowood – two as a teacher – she applies for work as a governess and is offered a position at Thornfield Hall, occasional home of the enigmatic Mr Rochester. To her surprise, he quickly appears to take a keen interest in her, expressing a sense of affinity so strong and indisputable that Jane finds herself helplessly compelled.

But all is not as it seems, for Mr Rochester conceals a dreadful secret within the walls of Thornfield, a secret so sinister, so damning, that its exposure can spell only devastation for Jane.


So begins one or the most masterfully erotic romances ever written, as the genius of Charlotte Brontë weaves gothic horror with the universal search for truth, the battle to retain your individuality within love, to follow your heart and head in tandem, and the shattering consequences of choosing a life-companion who is neither friend nor equal.

"Wow!! The cast in Jane Eyre consisted of four actors, three of them playing multiple parts and Jane Eyre being on stage for almost the entire time. The set was minimal, yet so effective, but the acting itself was outstanding, both my friend and I were completely absorbed in the show."

Rebecca Emin, Ramblings of a Rusty Writer, Thame