Anna Karenina

by leo tolstoy

Anna Karenina does not love her husband. Anna Karenina’s husband is old, cold and dull. Anna Karenina’s admirer is young, tenacious and hot. There are two possible outcomes:-

ONE: Anna Karenina will resist, stay at home and remain faithful to hearth and husband, resigning the temptations of youth and yielding to inevitable sainthood.

TWO: Anna Karenina will give in.

FACT: Anna Karenina is not a saint.

Considered by many to be the greatest novel ever written and with good reason! Along with Tolstoy’s phenomenal War & Peace, Anna Karenina describes life, in all its rich panorama of delight and sorrow and paradox. It’s a deeply honest, deeply compassionate novel, and it’s not just about Anna and her passionate affair with the dashing Vronsky. It’s just as much about Levin and Kitty with their contrasting love, rooted as it is in friendship, acceptance and spiritual awakening.

Our original adaptation played in London and Essex.

"I think we may have all ranked Anna Karenina as the best of the many wonderful shows we have seen you in. The ability to bring such a story (a long book as well) to life was I know down to Joanna’s adaptation, you as the director and both of you and the rest of the cast’s hard work."

the englund family, essex