A Doll's house

by henrik ibsen

It’s Christmas in a small Norwegian town and Nora Helmer excitedly plans surprises and presents for her family and friends.

But beneath the surface of this happiness and domestic bliss lurks a secret that Nora has kept from her husband for eight years. On Christmas Eve a stranger calls who threatens to reveal this secret, casting a shadow over her marriage and transforming the Helmer’s lives forever.

A beautifully crafted, exhilarating play, it aroused much controversy in it’s day – and still does now – by challenging the question of family and society and whether we must put these ahead of ourselves, ahead of our development as individuals, even if we stand to be destroyed by so doing.

A Doll’s House toured to Essex and Kent in Autumn 2007 and to London and Essex in Winter 2009.

"A Doll's House was truly a wonderful performance. My attention was not diverted for a single moment. I hope to see many more of your productions...Thanks again for a most entertaining and thought provoking evening."

Bryan Shedel, Essex